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    what is it ?

  • check zFeeder if you want to show other's RSS content (news and much more) on your website, wapsite or use it on your PC (or intranet) as a news reader.

  • check some screenshots if you want to preview some templates not online and parts of admin panel.

Standalone or module, personal aggregator or website feedreader.

zFeeder has been used so far as an aggregator (even if it does not implement many features of a desktop aggregator) or integrated on websites to provide real-time news (or any other information available as RSS) to visitors. This is possible because it is customizable and you can find the use you want for it. Until now people used it to read their daily news and managed to integrate it standalone or by creating specific modules.

Some examples of modules:
- Bakshi released a module to integrate zFeeder with WordPress.
- A PHP-Nuke module has been created at NukeDiva.
- zFeeder is an integrated part of XHP (eXpandable Home Page), personal homepage software CMS.
- Elise has an article on how to display RSS newsfeeds on a MovableType site.

People like: Laurent, Rachel, Adam have provided great feedback.
Thank you all !

Let me know if you made a module, template, bugfix, etc., so that it can be shared with everyone.
Happy Feedreading !
Wed, 25 Feb 2004 03:08:01 -0800



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Subscription examples provided with zFeeder are for demonstration purposes and personal use only. If you want to display newsfeeds on your site, first check the copyright, licensing and terms of use of the source.


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